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  • September 11, 2020 at 9:20 pm #6076

    Dear Wedalage,
    Congratulations, You are Approved for PayHere!
    We’re super excited to to let you know that your application has been approved & your PayHere Merchant Account is now active & ready to accept online payments. Please find your Live PayHere Merchant ID below.

    PayHere Merchant ID: @@@@@@

    If you’ve already integrated PayHere to your website using our Sandbox, you can just replace your Sandbox Merchant ID with the above Live Merchant ID & the Merchant Secret in your account to start accepting real payments. Otherwise you can sign in to your PayHere account & see our guides to start integrating.

    We look forward to work with you closely to help growing your online business with PayHere.

    මෙහෙම ඊමේල් එකක් ආවා ඊළඟට මොකද කරන්නේ.merchet id akai secret key aki denne.. sandbox ake tiyena ewd????

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